Thursday, April 19, 2007

One more time.....So that makes it one+one......Eleven right!! :D

Hmm....No posts past few days....Been busy....Been out.....And plus I'm too tired to think of anythin original....So just thought i'd post another old poem of mine for the ladies out there....Wrote this one i think a year ago or something...

Was listening to Aeisha by outlandish.....And just started to write wat came to mind.....Was bored i think that time.....Lolz.... ;)

So enjoy ppl (or not....Wateva makes u happy!!! :P)....If u like it leave a word.....

My Angel Divine

Look at her, so beautiful,
She takes my breath away,
Every moment of the day, is filled with thoughts of her,
And every second without her,feels like eternity....

I always think, of our first meeting,
How I stared unable to think,
I couldn't believe, the sight before my eyes,
I thought I was dead and in the garden of Eden....

Oh God! How much i love her,
Oh God! How much i care,
She makes me feel, So complete,
She is the queen of my hopes and my dreams....

So sweet, So beautiful,
Like an angel of God to behold,
She seems pure like a dove,
Her heart, overflowing with love....

To look at her, Is like looking at a star,
A lone beacon of light in the darkness above,
Even stone would spring to life,
If it could catch a glimpse of my angel divine....

Her eyes, a mirror into the universe,
Her smile, like a child's innocent and pretty,
Her face, cherubic and cute,
She's perfect in every way!!!

So breathtaking, So beautiful,
Everyday I love her even more,
How i treasure, the moments i spend with her
How i pray for her, every second of the day....

Like the spring after winter,
How my heart blossoms every time we're together,
Like the autumn, after the spring,
The realization she can't be mine sinks in....

She can never be mine,
Cause she doesn't feel that way,
If only she'd give me a chance,
I know we'd be perfect in every way....

She is, So beautiful,
Words can express how much i love her,
But she, She can never know,
Cause if she found out,
It would break her heart to know....

My Angel Divine,
You might not be mine,
But I'll continue being with you everyday,
I just want you to be happy and stay....

I cant break your heart so,
My Angel Divine,
Oh I love you,
But I'll never let you know!!!



Sherin said...

dis is 1 of my favourites!! luv ur amazing poems. keep writing...
i've already commented on dis earlier i think... dunno

Mystique said...

i like. i reeli like. this n all ur other posts, n walis 2. scrap me i'd like to no u

Sandra said...

dude,..didn't knw u cud get so emotional, lovely work

div said...

man this is my all time fav ....... it makes me wanna cry everytime i read it ... i think i had the original for like months.... untill u finally demanded it back.... or wait i think i still have it...... hmmmm.... oh aiman .. u are one smooth keep writing these heart breakers... mwahz.....

Anonymous said...

ok....its amazin....luvd it. ur an amazin guy and so r ur poems. keep writing such stuff.i neava knew u wer such an emotional person...........mis u