Saturday, May 24, 2008

Circle of Togetherness....Part Deux

Continued from last time.... See... I did write again!! Woohoo!! Two days running.
Anyways....You'll have to excuse the excessive (in my mind) text. Well basically it's what you people may call the setup phase of the story.So yeah.

You gotta let the people know where our lovers are coming from..
I would have liked to let the mystery remain still...
Suspense and all...
But ya...
If ur smart u'll realise u don't really know much about them anyways...

U may know wat they're thinkin at the moment....
But seriously speakin...
U have no idea what they are doin there..
Wat the hell is going on...
Slowly by slowly u'll get ur answers....

So yeah...
Part Deux..
The guy...
It continues....


Watching the shock on her face made it worth it. No matter how many times he saw it it still amazed him at the full range of her emotions. But then that might even be considered a kind of sadistic pleasure. The poor girl had no idea what she was in for. And well, knowing the kind of paranoid loner she was, he could relate to the horror she was going to. But then again, this was necessary. From what he'd learnt in the past convincing her of anything was almost impossible. This shock made her more receptive as it is. Shock her out of her beliefs. Yeah, that's what she called it.

Smirking, he stepped out of the shadows. He finally could get a good look at her. She may never admit it, but she was beautiful. Not in the over glamorous celebrity way. No her beauty was more general, what you might even call prettiness. And her face was one of love. No, she wasn't cupid or anything, but every time he set sight at her he couldn't help but be amazed at the depth of compassion and understanding on her face. It made the wait for her to come bursting through bearable. Though at the moment all he could see on that face was a mixture of shock and horror. God, how he wished he didn't have to go through this cycle, but there was no other way.


"Right... My point exactly. So, whenever your over the shock and regain control over your slack jaw we could move on from there. So far we've established you can speak."

"But.....My name....How do you.....know....Who are you?? Wha....???"

"Exactly. As you may imagine, we have a lot of explaining to go through Lisa. And well I'd rather get through this quickly so we can move on. I've made reservations we wouldn't want to miss. But take your time, no hurry, not like time really matters here anyways."

Sarcastic. Witty. Handsome. That was him. Born to rich parents and an only child, he fit the stereotype of your talented overachievers perfectly. The kind of person who was naturally good at everything he did. Not that he ever had to do anything as he would no doubt inherit some grand empire from his parents and never have to work hard his life. But he had other plans for himself. Worldly knowledge said he was destined to be it all, prefect, star quarterback, head boy, most popular guy in school all the way through college.The life of the party, King of prom and what not.

Unfortunately, he turned out to be the guy who after seeing a path of gold spread out ahead of it, would rather just go get lost in the woods. He delighted in the unexpected. Rather, it amused him to take the least expected and most random path through any situation just to see how it would affect those around him. For someone so talented, avenues of enjoyment were few and far between. And funnily, he chose to amuse himself just doing as he pleased. Of course his parents and peers were not exactly ecstatic seeing the way he was turning out. But what were they to do?

So he turned out as an adult as he wanted to. A man of 24 years. Most men his age would have by this time got a degree and be settling into the routine they would follow for the rest of their lives, something they called a job. But that wasn't in his plan. In his words, when you're gonna be inheriting the worlds best bakery, whats the point in baking a cake yourself. No, he convinced himself he wanted to see life, see the world. Not the nightlife as most people would think, because he'd seen more than his share of it through his few years. No real life. He just wanted to live each day at a time. Doing what? Nothing most of the time. Anything he pleased the next.

Silently now, he stood before her. Recent events had changed him a lot. In a way they had molded him, given him purpose. Before, he felt like a pilgrim in search for something. Something he didn't know where to find or what to do with. But all that had changed in the blink of an eye. He had found his meaning, his purpose. But now was not the time to get lost in his own thoughts he reminded himself. No. He had more pressing things at hand. It was time to go on with operation "Shock and Awe". He couldn't help but chuckle at this thought. She did have a wondrous sense of imagination that girl.

"Oh.....Hey... Listen here mister. I don't know who you are or how you know so much about. But it's obvious to me you've been -"

"Following you around? Stalking you? Come on dear. Think about it. It's been what...months since you left your apartment? So how possibly could I?"

"Look. I don't know who you are or what you want from me. But I'm warning you, stay away or else I'll call the police."

"Police? Excuse me, but isn't that why you came bursting down here in the first place? Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no police. Well no criminals either so we don't really require them anyways. Thus, I guess you may call it my privilege to inform you, my dear Lisa, that we are the only two people left in this city!"

He stood there quietly chuckling at the look on her face as the full impact of what he said finally struck her. He was doing fine so far he thought. Now onwards the more difficult phase began. He had to make her fall as deeply in love with him, as he was crazy about her.....


Ps.- Still feeling my way around...Rough around the edges...Just hope it wasn't a bore....Hopefully the tempo should pick up....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Circle of Togetherness .... Part 1 of Many...

Well, it's sure been a while hasn't it. I like to write a lot but most often i face something i like to call my personal writers block. But enough of that. I always dreamt of writing something. You know something a bit more than just a few lines of poems or something. So yeah, here is my first attempt at writing something of a greater scope.

Maybe What follows isn't really worth reading or even god forbid, good! But hey that isn't gonna stop me writing anymore cause well. I have many dreams, and I guess its about time i started to do something towards them. So yeah...

What follows is my attempt for a short story or maybe not so short story and such. Maybe it isn't something resembling what I've been known to write about, but still its a story that must be told.

Hope you enjoy it and the story holds you. Leave a comment if you got anything to say. Aiman out. And it begins......


She bursts into the lobby, anxiously looking around for another soul. Though she usually spends most of her days alone in her little studio apartment, today it's gone a little too far. Since the dawn she has been unable to see a single sign of existence outside a window. That didn't alarm her at first, but when her usual grocery girl did not answer the phone she began to get worried. She had a eerie feeling that she was alone in this world. Either that or the whole city decided to board themselves up alone at home due to some plague.

Most people would consider her a weirdo. But it wasn't their fault. If she was someone else she'd probably think herself to be a nut case. She was 25, and looked all of her young years. Maybe the male population would even dare to call her pretty, but she didn't think so herself. From the beginning she was never attracted to men. Or maybe she just hadn't met the right man. Whatever the reason may be she was always more content to lose herself in her dreams. Her canvas and easel was all that she needed to get through the day.Emotional attachment and relations could stay with the others. She had what she needed with herself.

Which led her to her present situation. Though not one to run away from public and company, she did not encourage them either. Her so called friends had long since given up on her having any social needs as such. Ice Queen, Machine and so many other nicknames were not unknown to her. But she preferred it that way, lost in her mind in that heaven of solace where she found peace. Maybe she was like those tortured geniuses of yore whose happiness lay in their art. Or maybe she just didn't care.

But try as she might, something of her present situation made a chill creep up her spine. It wasn't unknown to have quiet days in the city. But a day where one sees no pedestrians in the street? No traffic? Though disconnected from the rest of the world she might stay, the everyday hustle and bustle of the city had become part of her life. Without the cacophony of the various noises and smells of the city, it just seemed empty. And that emptiness was really beginning to trouble her. She liked to think that she could in a way sense the mood of her city, as she liked to call it. Her City. But now, all she seemed to sense was silence. Death.

Which is what finally led her to rush out of her apartment. Which is what led her to rush past the doors on her level. Listening for some sound of occupancy, some sound of existence. She couldn't knock or ring the bell cause what would she say? "Hi, I'm the neighbor who never leaves her apartment! I just wanted to stop by and see if someone was alive. Good to see you. Bye!" No. For someone seriously doubting her own complete sanity and eccentricities, something like that was completely out of the question.

And thus we return to where we began, with her bursting out of the elevator into the lobby. Though alarmed at the present crisis she was finding, she could not help but scoff at herself. How can a whole city managed to be deserted in a day? Of course her boundaries extended to her housing building and gallery but in her mind, she found it to represent a cross section of her city. And so far the only presence she could sense was she herself and her increasing state of distress. She couldn't possible be alone here, could she?

She stares out into the empty lobby stretching out ahead of her. She looks at what she remembers to be the welcoming guards table, but it lays there deserted and empty. It's been quite a while from when she had last been down here and a few changes were showing. The marble had been redone and the place was positively gleaming. She stared across to the doors outside, but all she could make out were the empty sidewalks outside. Maybe she should just step outside...You know to make sure things were alright. No, she said getting a hold of herself. I must be going crazy. I'm just overreacting that's all. I should just head back to my apartment and I'm sure this is just like a bad dream. When I wake up things will be back to normal. I'm just paranoid. Yeah, that's it.

"No. You aren't crazy you know. Neither are you being paranoid. Going outside isn't going to help anything though. There is nothing to see there after all. In fact I'd say knowing you, it would rather make things worse."

Startled out of her wits she spins around quickly to see the culprit responsible for the words spoken behind her back. Scanning the area she finally see's the shadow. There on the steps by the lift. No wonder she missed it behind her as she came running to the lobby in her hysteria. Getting a grip on herself she started to compose herself after this discovery. See, she wasn't going crazy. She wasn't alone in her city. She wasn't alone at all. And then, he spoke again.

"Well.... I wouldn't go so far as calling the only two people left in a city of over millions of people as not being alone. I mean that would be rather extreme wouldn't you say? Even for someone as paranoid as you, I think."

Shocked and slack jawed she couldn't believe what she heard. What did this person mean by the only two people in the city? How could that be possible? What did it mean by this constant refferals to knowing her. She's lived here for many years and yet she was oddly sure she didn't know and hadn't ever met anyone from here. And also, how could this shadow know what she was thinking? Maybe she was going crazy. And, though not as surprisingly this time, to seemingly shock her out of her surprise, the voice spoke again.

"As talented and gifted as I may like to think myself as, I wouldn't call mind reading one of my gifts. No I can't read your mind but I pretty much know what you are thinking still. Lets just say its a skill I gained through experience. And no, its not as impossible knowing that we haven't even met before. Not as impossible as you think, is it Lisa?"


- Aiman

Ps.- Ignore the spelling and grammatical mistakes.... They'll be fixed some other day long time later....For now just try and immerse yourself in their world....