Friday, April 6, 2007

Freedom is just Chaos.......Wth better lighting ofcourse!!!

The boards are over!!!!!!!!
I'm free like a bee,
Although i don't know,
How their freedom feels....

I am going to party,
I am going to play,
What I'm not gonna do,
Is be bored today....

Now if you'll excuse me,
I have got to flee,
There's a movie ticket with my name on it,
Waiting somewhere for me!!!!!!

Ps.- For those who have no idea whats going on........Don't ask me cause i don't either!!!!
Lol....No seriously......Just was in a hurry so went with the flow............
And Finally....Always find out.....Is the juice worth the squeeze??


Anonymous said...

should i write a comment..should i? should i? (*recovers from a
spinning head injury) Well maybe not. I'll reply to something more saner maybe next time :P

Scito te ipsum,

Anonymous said...

sooo may times uv sked me that not once have icome even close to answering what u thot was a worth while answer anyway il take a different aproach this time . when u build up the taste of the juice 2 be sooo much more than what it realy is, then it wont ever be worth the squeeze . squeeze the fruit expecting juice and nothin more or less and it just may be worth ur time squeezng it out.